Feeling lousy

Left knee hurting – arthritis? Want to go for walk – nice weather for walking – but can I stand the pain?
I am also very irritable last couple days.
Disagreement over logical terminology with a friend.
I was starting to re-read some info on philosophical logic – but developed stomach ache & headache.
I may just watch NetFlix. Some shows can hold my attention.
Also I noticed I am getting error taking blood pressure on device today.
When this has happened in the past, I have notice when I finally get a reading, my blood pressure is high & pulse low (e.g. 52).
I verified the fact once at the local pharmacy – I had thought I might have a problem with my device – but the pharmacist got the same result.
I do take blood pressure medicine & have been taking it.

Dedication to Logic

I have finally decided what I should focus on – LOGIC & PHILOSOPHY of LOGIC.
I have a good library & have some background & I think good intuitions on the subject.
But I also have a great deal to learn & if I do it properly, I know some experts in the subject, who can answer questions – I hope.
Math & physics I think are more beyond my capabilities & I also have less intuition & contacts who may be willing to help.
Politics is easy – if one could have the right influence – but there are many that – if they had that influence could solve it.
No one has – or could – in my opinion – gain that kind of influence.
I am going to vote – I know the lesser evil.
I am going to continue my role in the Bertrand Russell Society.
Also, I plan to stay active in some local groups I am in, mostly to make friends with people I can have intelligent discussion with.
But my FOCUS is LOGIC.
I also plan to do some programming – that is related to logic & I find stimulating when I’m depressed.
I have many good friends now – more than ever before in my life.

My New Philosophy Pages

I did the 1st 3 pdfs below in only a couple days.


But I know I need to read or re-read a great deal.
I feel very tired from the thought involved.
I must do routine things – such as programming to rest.
Philosophy is so much harder – and most of it is caused by verbal confusions which make no difference except in philosophy.
Thus it often seems not worth the effort involved.
I have to take breaks – it is also discouraging that I get almost no response – though I do see the pages get some hits.

2016 Presidential Candidates

2016 Presidential Candidates

  1. Democratric
    1. Bernie Sanders (bing)
    2. Bernie Sanders (official site)
    3. Hillary Clinton (bing)
    4. Hillary Clinton (official site)
    5. Martin O’Malley (bing)
    6. Martin O’Malley (official site)
  2. Republican
    1. Donald Trump (bing)
    2. Donald Trump (official site)
    3. Ted Cruz (bing)
    4. Ted Cruz (official site)
    5. Marco Rubio (bing)
    6. Marco Rubio (official site)
    7. Ben Carson (bing)
    8. Ben Carson (official site)
    9. Jeb Bush (bing)
    10. Jeb Bush (official site)
    11. Chris Christie (bing)
    12. Chris Christie (official site)
    13. John Kasich (bing)
    14. John Kasich (official site)
    15. Carly Fiorina (bing)
    16. Carly Fiorina (official site)
    17. Mike Huckabee (bing)
    18. Mike Huckabee (official site)
    19. Rick Santorum (bing)
    20. Rick Santorum (official site)
    21. Rand Paul (bing)
    22. Rand Paul (official site)

Possible Goals – 2016

In no particular order.

Study math – in particular review differential equations, especially partial differential equations. (This is for me personally – I don’t expect to do much with it – my ordinary differential equation program is mostly finished and I think partial differential equations too difficult for me.

Write on psychology of propositional attitudes (belief, doubt, desire, etc.). – (illustrate with Wildlife). I need to make problems & my solution to them clear – more than handling more cases technically – once my solution is understood that is unnecessary.

Study philosophy of logic. I am more interested in philosophical points than details of logic.

Write Ruby on rails program for SQL database of information on papers given at BRS meetings (and populate data). This is possible – or I may just use HTML.

Get “Russell” computer language working in Unicon. (Mostly for pleasure of programming).

Logic & Life

Predicate Logic is an abstraction of ordinary language mostly suitable for ordinary day problems. Also mostly adequate for mathematics. But we should not take it as absolutely correct. It seems to cause confusion when we think about quantum mechanics. We also have some problems thinking about purpose, free will, intentionality, etc. We don’t yet know the ultimate laws of the universe, and, even if we did, the complexity of the ultimate constituents would prevent us applying them in most every day circumstances. I agree with Daniel Dennett and Jerry Fodor (I believe) that Folk Psychology is the best we can do in ordinary life circumstances. Though we can try to understand the brain etc, I don’t expect that to help making everyday decisions.

Now porting “russell” to unicon rather than snobol4

I switched to unicon in early October. I had considered java also. I think unicon was the correct choice. At first, in October, I was, perhaps, a bit manic. I was working furiously and long hours. But lately I feel discouraged and working on it only a couple hours a day. I feel success unlikely. Part of this maybe I understood the early parts of the code (what they were supposed to do) better than what I am working on now. Also I see, from comments in the code, that the authors were uncertain about parts of the code and that in places it seems unfinished. Anyway I am glad for working on it as it has brought me back to using unicon, and studying icon & unicon more closely again. I decided to try to continue converting russell, but there is so much code and parts so hard to understand that I have little chance of success. I will spend only a couple hours a day on it. I have other reading I want to do in philosophy and other topics.

Converting Computer Language Russell to Snobol4

I’ve been working on it about a week – making good progress. But I get so absorbed I forget other things – like eating & sleeping. Then I get tired & start making stupid mistakes. But (fortunately) most of the mistakes were on an program just to format snobol programs – not critical. But I need to force myself to stay within my limits. I forgot to watch Rachel Maddow the last two nights. Also “watched” Oakland Raiders last gave twice but don’t know yet who won – it was tied toward the end. Also DVR’s Falling Skies & The Last Ship as they were on same time as Raiders. 1st time watching them missed a lot (was programming). But rewatched and am glad I did.