I am having troubles.
I feel sick – exhausted.
I have been reading more.
Besides logic, I am reading other things.
Lately mostly Atheist Mind, Humanist Heart.
I was enjoying it – I like it very much.
But I got only 3 hours (approx) during the night.
I did not think I could sleep much more, but lay down, with book on text-to-speech, instead of my usual music (e.g. Liquid Mind).
Anyway I was in and out of consciousness.
I was in bed about another 3.5 hours – got through the book – but don’t remember it well – will have to go through again.
Feel worse than if I had not gone back to bed.
I think it has nothing to do with content of book.
I just need gentle music in order to sleep well.
And I cannot stress self with too much reading.

The CIA and the UniBomber

The UniBomber, Ted Kaczynski, was the subject of a CIA mind altering research program, MKULTRA, in 1958. The purpose of the program was to take from its subjects the ability to act autonomously and required them to behave in a bizarre manner. He was in the program three years. He was judged emotionally stable when he entered the program. He had completed high school at the age of fifteen and entered Harvard the next year. He received the highest grade in a class by the great logician Willard Van Orman Quine. (See _Last Word_ by Mark Lane page 266.)