Chocolate & exercise

I find that I do better mentally if I have a minimum of about 3 ounces of chocolate a day. (caffeine? – which I otherwise avoid!)
It seems I still keep my glucose under control if I do enough exercise – I’m doing about 64 minutes on exercise bike. (not all at once).
Also 13 minutes of stretches and 3 minutes of neck exercises.


I am having troubles.
I feel sick – exhausted.
I have been reading more.
Besides logic, I am reading other things.
Lately mostly Atheist Mind, Humanist Heart.
I was enjoying it – I like it very much.
But I got only 3 hours (approx) during the night.
I did not think I could sleep much more, but lay down, with book on text-to-speech, instead of my usual music (e.g. Liquid Mind).
Anyway I was in and out of consciousness.
I was in bed about another 3.5 hours – got through the book – but don’t remember it well – will have to go through again.
Feel worse than if I had not gone back to bed.
I think it has nothing to do with content of book.
I just need gentle music in order to sleep well.
And I cannot stress self with too much reading.

Feeling lousy

Left knee hurting – arthritis? Want to go for walk – nice weather for walking – but can I stand the pain?
I am also very irritable last couple days.
Disagreement over logical terminology with a friend.
I was starting to re-read some info on philosophical logic – but developed stomach ache & headache.
I may just watch NetFlix. Some shows can hold my attention.
Also I noticed I am getting error taking blood pressure on device today.
When this has happened in the past, I have notice when I finally get a reading, my blood pressure is high & pulse low (e.g. 52).
I verified the fact once at the local pharmacy – I had thought I might have a problem with my device – but the pharmacist got the same result.
I do take blood pressure medicine & have been taking it.

Converting Computer Language Russell to Snobol4

I’ve been working on it about a week – making good progress. But I get so absorbed I forget other things – like eating & sleeping. Then I get tired & start making stupid mistakes. But (fortunately) most of the mistakes were on an program just to format snobol programs – not critical. But I need to force myself to stay within my limits. I forgot to watch Rachel Maddow the last two nights. Also “watched” Oakland Raiders last gave twice but don’t know yet who won – it was tied toward the end. Also DVR’s Falling Skies & The Last Ship as they were on same time as Raiders. 1st time watching them missed a lot (was programming). But rewatched and am glad I did.

On other Relolutions

I gave up on 2.1 miles at once on bike. I have been trying to do over 2 miles/day combined between bike and walking.
I have done a satisfactory amount of reading/programming so far this year.
I have not read as much general reading as I wished.
I have watched Rachel Maddow regularly, and Democracy Now some.
I have lost about 5 pounds of weight so far this year. (I have almost totally stopped chocolate.)

On Resolutions

I’ve been doing well, except I am unable to sleep 8 hours per night. Best I can seem to do is about 6.5 hours.

Also I think I am going to try reading magazines and journals more outside my main area of interest (philosophy).
I have always tended to be a book reader, but it takes to much time outside my main area of interest, and all I seem
to remember are the main points anyway.

The CIA and the UniBomber

The UniBomber, Ted Kaczynski, was the subject of a CIA mind altering research program, MKULTRA, in 1958. The purpose of the program was to take from its subjects the ability to act autonomously and required them to behave in a bizarre manner. He was in the program three years. He was judged emotionally stable when he entered the program. He had completed high school at the age of fifteen and entered Harvard the next year. He received the highest grade in a class by the great logician Willard Van Orman Quine. (See _Last Word_ by Mark Lane page 266.)

The opposite of the usual case of opacity of reference

Usually you have one person referenced by two names, but someone does not know this. But there can also be a case that two different people are known by the same name, Suppose Dan is in the hospital (an in-patient) and has a therapist, named Anna. Then (after out of the hospital) Dan (who likes to dance) is at a local bar that has dancing (he only drinks water, decaf coffee, or club sods). Anyway he finds Anna goes there often (her boyfriend works there). Anyway, sometimes Anna and Dan dance. (Her boyfriend doesn’t mind – he is working). Anyway also after the hospitalization, Dan is seeing a case worker. He tells the case worker (who works from a different (out patient) location) about dancing with an Anna who used to work at that hospital (she has told Dan about changing workplaces). But the case worker thinks Dan is confused – his boss at the out patient location is Anna. (a different one), and he writes it in his report. Later, the case worker has to have some report filed. Anyway, he takes Dan to Anna’s office, Anna reads the report and is upset. (Dan never knew this Anna existed before). Anyway Anna orders the case worker to remove something (she says he should know what) from the report and shouldn’t see Dan anymore. Dan is relieved as he was seeing a psychologist anyway, as well as a psychiatrist, which were covered by his insurance. But the case worker was not covered (only Medicaid was taken & he had Medicare) , and he had to make some payments. The next time he saw his psychologist, he was told that it had been added that his case worker had talked to him about his unhealthy life style. But that was false – he had been talked about nothing like that, and had been living as healthy as he knew how for some time.


I am concerned about the brain trauma caused by collisions in football. But I always enjoyed watching it. I know that there are efforts to make it safer, but the collisions seem inherent to the game. But nothing is totally safe. Where to draw the line?