My logic reading is not going well – cannot find enough time.
Lay in bed listening to Atheist Mind, Humanist Heart
I thought I was rested – but I kept falling in and out of consciousness.
But unlike last time I ended up feeling OK.
Anyway I only remembered parts so I re-read most of it after I got up.

I have doubts about my logic reading plans.
I think the 1st part I still want to attempt – but it will be slower going.
I need time for reading groups I am in.
I also want to do some programming – e.g. conversion of “Russell” language.
Also I want to be able to watch fiction TV shows.
I should read some fiction – but doubt I can find the energy.
I am not as interested in the proofs of negative results of logic as what positive results there are.

The opposite of the usual case of opacity of reference

Usually you have one person referenced by two names, but someone does not know this. But there can also be a case that two different people are known by the same name, Suppose Dan is in the hospital (an in-patient) and has a therapist, named Anna. Then (after out of the hospital) Dan (who likes to dance) is at a local bar that has dancing (he only drinks water, decaf coffee, or club sods). Anyway he finds Anna goes there often (her boyfriend works there). Anyway, sometimes Anna and Dan dance. (Her boyfriend doesn’t mind – he is working). Anyway also after the hospitalization, Dan is seeing a case worker. He tells the case worker (who works from a different (out patient) location) about dancing with an Anna who used to work at that hospital (she has told Dan about changing workplaces). But the case worker thinks Dan is confused – his boss at the out patient location is Anna. (a different one), and he writes it in his report. Later, the case worker has to have some report filed. Anyway, he takes Dan to Anna’s office, Anna reads the report and is upset. (Dan never knew this Anna existed before). Anyway Anna orders the case worker to remove something (she says he should know what) from the report and shouldn’t see Dan anymore. Dan is relieved as he was seeing a psychologist anyway, as well as a psychiatrist, which were covered by his insurance. But the case worker was not covered (only Medicaid was taken & he had Medicare) , and he had to make some payments. The next time he saw his psychologist, he was told that it had been added that his case worker had talked to him about his unhealthy life style. But that was false – he had been talked about nothing like that, and had been living as healthy as he knew how for some time.