2016 Presidential Candidates

2016 Presidential Candidates

  1. Democratric
    1. Bernie Sanders (bing)
    2. Bernie Sanders (official site)
    3. Hillary Clinton (bing)
    4. Hillary Clinton (official site)
    5. Martin O’Malley (bing)
    6. Martin O’Malley (official site)
  2. Republican
    1. Donald Trump (bing)
    2. Donald Trump (official site)
    3. Ted Cruz (bing)
    4. Ted Cruz (official site)
    5. Marco Rubio (bing)
    6. Marco Rubio (official site)
    7. Ben Carson (bing)
    8. Ben Carson (official site)
    9. Jeb Bush (bing)
    10. Jeb Bush (official site)
    11. Chris Christie (bing)
    12. Chris Christie (official site)
    13. John Kasich (bing)
    14. John Kasich (official site)
    15. Carly Fiorina (bing)
    16. Carly Fiorina (official site)
    17. Mike Huckabee (bing)
    18. Mike Huckabee (official site)
    19. Rick Santorum (bing)
    20. Rick Santorum (official site)
    21. Rand Paul (bing)
    22. Rand Paul (official site)

Possible Goals – 2016

In no particular order.

Study math – in particular review differential equations, especially partial differential equations. (This is for me personally – I don’t expect to do much with it – my ordinary differential equation program is mostly finished and I think partial differential equations too difficult for me.

Write on psychology of propositional attitudes (belief, doubt, desire, etc.). – (illustrate with Wildlife). I need to make problems & my solution to them clear – more than handling more cases technically – once my solution is understood that is unnecessary.

Study philosophy of logic. I am more interested in philosophical points than details of logic.

Write Ruby on rails program for SQL database of information on papers given at BRS meetings (and populate data). This is possible – or I may just use HTML.

Get “Russell” computer language working in Unicon. (Mostly for pleasure of programming).