Logic & Life

Predicate Logic is an abstraction of ordinary language mostly suitable for ordinary day problems. Also mostly adequate for mathematics. But we should not take it as absolutely correct. It seems to cause confusion when we think about quantum mechanics. We also have some problems thinking about purpose, free will, intentionality, etc. We don’t yet know the ultimate laws of the universe, and, even if we did, the complexity of the ultimate constituents would prevent us applying them in most every day circumstances. I agree with Daniel Dennett and Jerry Fodor (I believe) that Folk Psychology is the best we can do in ordinary life circumstances. Though we can try to understand the brain etc, I don’t expect that to help making everyday decisions.

Now porting “russell” to unicon rather than snobol4

I switched to unicon in early October. I had considered java also. I think unicon was the correct choice. At first, in October, I was, perhaps, a bit manic. I was working furiously and long hours. But lately I feel discouraged and working on it only a couple hours a day. I feel success unlikely. Part of this maybe I understood the early parts of the code (what they were supposed to do) better than what I am working on now. Also I see, from comments in the code, that the authors were uncertain about parts of the code and that in places it seems unfinished. Anyway I am glad for working on it as it has brought me back to using unicon, and studying icon & unicon more closely again. I decided to try to continue converting russell, but there is so much code and parts so hard to understand that I have little chance of success. I will spend only a couple hours a day on it. I have other reading I want to do in philosophy and other topics.