THE problem of philosophy

THE problem of philosophy is that it is expected the single words have too simple of meanings. I have always been frustrated by the “objects” or whatever is taken as primary. They really never are primary. Perhaps physics will (or already has to some extent) reached what is primary. But the ordinary “objects” (including “mental objects”) are such complicated structures of these primitive “objects” that we will never be able to satisfactorily analyze them. We can, perhaps, get some general ideas about how parts of such an analysis would go. I think highly of Jerry Fodor and Danial Dennett. But such understanding will always be simplifications to which there will arise exceptions apparently leading to paradoxes. I am tired of struggling with this. I will continue reading, but realizing THE problem of philosophy makes me want to write philosophy no more. I want to spend my time studying computer languages (which are artificially simple). I enjoy programming like nothing else.

Plans & Hopes

I’m discouraged about philosophy. It seems inevitable than one must make vast simplifications that in the long run leads one to paradoxes. Language is adequate for ordinary purposes, but not philosophy, and in fact, that’s what causes many problems in philosophy. Some problems in philosophy may just be scientific problems which have not been solved yet.

I plan to continue reading some philosophy (I cannot help myself). But what to read some math and physics. I want to do some programming. Maybe on my differential equation program – there are a few things that I am not quite satisfied with. Also I might try something with partial differential equations. Also I might try working on the computer language “Russell”.