Text-to-speech on Samsung GALAXY Tab 4 nook

I owned first one of the original nooks (3G).
It still works, though there is a small crack near the page forward.
I still have quite a few nook books I haven’t got to.
Then I got a kindle touch – mainly for the text-to-speech.
My eyes get tired and I get headaches if I read with them too much.
I previously had worse eye problems mainly double vision – which I attribute to a medicine – cogentin – which I no longer take.
Then I got A kindle Fire HD. Like it also – also has text-to-speech.
I held out on getting a newer nook – mainly I was not sure about its text-to-speech.
But I got one last Sunday.
It has text-to-speech, but it is tricky to set up.
It seems you must set it up when you do the Initial Device Configuration.
You must select Accessibility rather than Start.
Then you need to turn on talkback. There are two buttons I selected on a submenu – sorry I didn’t take notes.
Unless you have very severe vision problems, you will want to turn off explore with touch.
With explore with touch, a blind person could navigate, but it requires patience for someone who doesn’t need it.
Though it offers, you, of course, cannot download the speech data until you have set up wi-fi – you can do that later.
I made mistakes the 1st 2 times I set up the device.
1st I didn’t select Accessibility.
2nd time I selected explore with touch – very interesting to see how it worked – but didn’t want it.
I could not find any way to change the configuration of these except to reset to factory settings.
When you do that you loose all data etc. And if you have encrypted data on a memory card that is lost and apparently the space it uses is also lost – I don’t have any – but there was a warning.
But you get all you nook books back when you configure your account again – that is all I had on the device.
Also the nook tells you where you go as you navigate.
Also, it seems to stop speech after the screen inactivity times out – the longest time you can set is 30 minutes.