Cannot figure what to do next

I seems that I have done what I am capable of in almost everything.

I think I am correct in my criticism of opacity (Quine, Stich).
But many words (variables and quantifiers etc in logic) do not simply stand for an object.
This gets very complex – I think it is really (mostly) a problem for linguistics – not philosophy.
I think the words other than those which stand for objects establish the “logical form” which
is a relations between those symbols in the mind. There are very many such relations. I think,
for the most part, all philosophy needs is those studied by symbolic logic. These are an idealization
of what occurs in the mind. But also I think there are other relations that philosophy often gets muddled
with, such as consciousness and free will. I am mostly satisfied with Daniel Dennett on these subjects.

I had thought of doing something with partial differential equations similar to what I did with ordinary differential equations.
But I think this is very hard.

I had thought of fixing some problems in what I worked on in general relativity.
But I think it not useful.

I have some ideas in quantum mechanics – but think, if possible, someone would have done it.

I had thought of working on port of Russell from c to Ruby.
But I think I do not have enough info and without more I could not succeed.