The Language of Thought

I’ve started Susan Schneider’s book by that title – named after Fodor’s book. I’ve read just the preface and first chapter, which is an introduction. My impression, so far, is that I will be more in agreement with Fodor. I have started writing my reactions, but not yet enough to “publish.” on my web site. I’ve read only three of Fodor’s many books so far. I read philosophy very slowly – faster on other things. I am inclined to think the mind is non-algorithmic and thus not computational. Thus I do not accept the CTM (Computational Theory of Mind). Also a brief study of My Philosophy will reveal that I am not what Schneider calls a “neo-Russellian” and how I can handle what she calls “Frege cases”. I would say there are computational aspects of the mind.




I am concerned about the brain trauma caused by collisions in football. But I always enjoyed watching it. I know that there are efforts to make it safer, but the collisions seem inherent to the game. But nothing is totally safe. Where to draw the line?