There is now windows (just CLI) version of my diffeq program

Really same programs. – Set of program to solve systems of ordinary differential equations using long Taylor series.

Just a ruby program to replace the shell script used in Linux.
No change to algorithm.

Test result table is at: (from Linux)
Test Table

The main omnisode page is:
main omnisode page

Also, now there is both ‘zip’ and ‘tar.gz’ files on download page.

Discrete – Continuous Duality

Even though there is a non-denumerable number of real numbers, there is only a denumerable number of them we can represent in a finitary logic. The real numbers which we can represent can be set to a one to one correspondence to the rational numbers, or even just the natural numbers.

But we have an intuitive knowledge of infinity and continuity that goes beyond discrete finitary intellect.

There are multiple such dualities.

Discrete — Continuous
Particle — Wave
Intellect — Intuition
Digital — Analog
Opaque — Ambiguous (???) Added 9/17/2013

Each of these has its place.
I have talked to those who think quantum mechanics indicates everything comes in discrete quanta. It is true that the energy of a photon of a specific frequency has a fixed energy (E = h v), but the frequency (v) can vary continuously.