Plan to study Intuitionionism

I have been thinking about continuity from my study of Goedel, and suspect logicism must be wrong. I got to thinking about some of what I read recently in Naming Infinity. I got 4 of Poincare’s books for the Kindle last night (very low price) and looked at Brouwer’s (they were relatively expensive). Today I read a little about Intuitionism in The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic, ed. Shapiro.

New release of omnisode and correction to download link

Wednesday (7/11/2012) I made a new release of omnisode (My differential equation solver using long Taylor series). BTW It does not use the common method of divided differences. Today I got a scary warning going to the download page – because I mistakenly had used https instead of http. I have corrected that now. The main page is