More progress on differential equations

I’ve been working hard on my differential equation program. Most of the problems (locating poles) resulted from various sorts of Maple bugs I didn’t know were possible. I don’t mean bugs in Maple itself, but rather sorts of things you can do wrong in Maple – and the sorts of results you get. I have solved all the problems I have been working on, but there are more sorts of equations it is intended to solve and I have done enough testing to know there are more problems, but I will let them wait till tomorrow. I have not got much reading done the last few days.

Progress on differential equations

I fixed a couple things – hard debugging. Basic functions OK now, except I suspect more work will be needed on log and arctan. Also locating poles is not working yet. It was debugging it that led to these other bugs, so now I am in a position to attack that again. I also expect more work on multiple equations.

My Studies

I’ve revised my study plan. See my reading. I’ve postponed (at least) the most difficult items. I was finding them too difficult. Logic will be a lower priority. My new years resolution was to try to sleep more. I have been. It seems to take me longer to wake up and I feel irritable for a while after getting up. Also I am dreaming more. I’ve also noticed my reading seems more interesting. I am now sleeping 7-8 hours a night instead of 5-6.

Peter Singer

I’m reading Perter Singer’s Practical Ethics. He makes a strong connection (which I do not accept) between ethics and pleasure vs. suffering. Thus I am (so far) unconvinced by his arguments.