Progress on diffeq program

I’ve been continuing on mu diffeq program. I call it omnisode.rb. It is to generate a program to solve numerically systems of ordinary differential equations. I am trying to make it generate code in any of Ruby, Ruby with my apfp, Maple or maxima. I have been writing small programs in Ruby and snobol to convert the code I had started to generate maxima to the more general code.

More work on differential equations

I continued to have problems with maxima. I decided to change direction. Now working on the program (still in Ruby) to generate code for any of Ruby, Ruby with my APFP, Maple, or (hopefully) Maxima. I’ve switched the environment from Linux to Vista as well, as that is where I have Maple. I had a earlier version (in Unicon) which would generate code in either Unicon or Maple, so I have a good idea of what I am doing.